Trying to Source a Mould Specialist in Dublin?

Trying to Source a Mould Specialist in Dublin?

Have you recently invested in a property for you and your family to live in, only to subsequently discover that it has been left to fester for months on end? Do you need to enlist the help of a mould specialist in Dublin, so that you can combat the unhygienic conditions? If you believe that you fall into either of the aforementioned categories, it could be that Environmental Testing & Solutions is just the firm that you have been looking for. 


Having been working out of the heart of Ireland for a number of years, we take great pride in maintaining a high standard within our services. The equipment and apparatus that we are in possession of means that we never leave a client feeling disappointed with the results we procure for them. More information about our range of options can be garnered from our support representatives – to get in touch, please follow the contact instructions laid out on our website.


A brief introduction


For those of you that have not worked with us in the past, we believe that now marks an optimal time to offer a little context on our firm. Over the past ten years, we have aspired to become one of the leading promoters of clean living within Ireland. In some scenarios, this means acting as a mould specialist in Dublin. Other projects have called upon us to try to fix the damage which has been caused by flooding. The wealth of experience that we have amassed ensures that regardless of the job specification, we have no problem overseeing first-class outcomes. No matter if it is your domestic residence which is in trouble, or you are looking to drastically improve the conditions of your corporate headquarters – we won’t let you down.   


Issues regarding mould


Whilst most people accept the fact that mould is a clear sign of unclean and dirty conditions, only a small minority of this group understand why it may be necessary to solicit the services of a mould specialist in Dublin, such as Environmental Testing & Solutions. If left untreated, these areas could cause serious health complications – notable issues include throat irritations and the deterioration of respiratory systems. Should you want to take sufficient steps to ensure that the situation does not get to this point, it is advisable to bring in professionals. They will be able to ascertain the source of the problem, as well as formulate a strategic plan of action.


Need something slightly different?


When you come to Environmental Testing & Solutions, you have the opportunity to work with a highly-skilled team. Prolonged exposure in this industry means that we not only hold the title of mould specialists in Dublin – our capabilities range far beyond this. We recognise that there are various issues which fall within this particular bracket of services. Whilst some of our clients may call us in to provide comprehensive biohazard cleaning, others might simply wish for us to conduct a routine test of air quality. Whatever project we are called to, our meticulous attention to detail remains.


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