About Us

Over A Decade of Experience

Environmental Testing & Solutions

ETS is an environmental testing and restoration company specializing in indoor air quality testing and building waterproofing. Our goal is to provide healthy living environments for residential and commercial buildings. After years of experience working the United States of America, founder Stephen Hahessy identified the need for an environmental testing company in Ireland who can provide a service for not just the commercial sector, but also for homeowners.


The EPA states that indoor air quality is between 2-5 times more pollutant than the outdoor air, while the HSE states that clean air is a basic requirement of human health and well-being. However, not all homes and business can afford the services of large environmental testing companies to assess their premises. Achieving healthy indoor air quality should be attainable for everybody. 

A Dedication To Excellence

ETS has over 10 years’ experience in the environmental consulting and restoration industry and has seen firsthand the problems associated with poor indoor air quality. ETS has a wealth of experience in what industry call “SICK BUILDING SYNDROME” and specialize in techniques and solutions to improve the health of your home or building. ETR specializes in indoor air quality testing, biohazard cleaning and sanitization, building waterproofing and restoration.


ETS provides the highest level of indoor air quality testing and building restoration services, and always puts the client first, providing reliable, accurate results.