Professional Indoor Allergen Testing in Dublin and Meath

As outdoor pollution levels continue to increase and environmental concerns grow, we expect our homes to be a safe haven, with clean fresh air to breathe. Surprisingly, the air indoors is frequently more contaminated than the air outdoors. It is strongly advised to conduct allergen testing in your home as an initial measure to address this issue. ETS assessments are instrumental in pinpointing the origin of these exposures and offer written protocols and remedies to resolve the situation.

What are Allergens?

Allergens are airborne substances that cause allergic reactions in humans and pets. These substances are recognised by our immune system and cause the allergy. These specific substances can cause severe allergic reactions in some people, and nothing others. Allergens can come in many different forms such as pollen, insects, dust mites, dust particles, and pet dander all of which can make a human or animal symptomatic. About 29% of Irish people suffer from some type of allergy and it is continuing to rise.

Allergen Testing for your Home

ETS provides the highest level of indoor allergen testing services in Dublin and Meath. Our assessment of pollutants will interpret the levels of dangerous toxins and allergens in the air. We can perform a range of allergen tests for your home. If you believe you are suffering from allergies in your home, we can perform many home allergy tests to determine the source causing your issue and can help you in the treatment of your allergies.

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