Trying to Source a Biohazard Cleaning Company in Galway?

Trying to Source a Biohazard Cleaning Company in Galway?

If you need a reliable biohazard cleaning company in Galway who can professionally and safely clean biological materials, then Environmental Testing is available to assist. With more than ten years of experience and specialist knowledge of techniques, our team is able to carry out services to cover air quality testing, mould, allergens, flood damage and biohazard cleaning. Whether you are a commercial client or you require our services for your home, we have the ability to help and offer affordable prices. We want to give our customers the best results and so we carry out our services meticulously with first-class customer care.


A Brief Introduction to Environmental Testing


We are a high quality and responsible biohazard cleaning company in Galway who are fully trained and equipped to carry out biohazard cleaning and disinfection safely and effectively. Some of the biohazard cleaning services that we have undertaken include; crime scene cleaning, needles, faeces, body fluids and more; we have a wide range of experience in applying our skills to a range of different needs.


As a leading biohazard cleaning company in Galway, we follow a process that has been carefully crafted in order to give us the best organisation, efficiency and the ability to leave our customers with a final result that is to a high standard. We begin with an assessment, where we will take stock of the situation by walking through the property. Once we have ascertained the problem we will be able to, with compliance to health and safety protocols, set up the necessary equipment making sure not to cause any cross contamination between the problem area and other parts of the property that are unaffected. 


With everything set up correctly and safely, we can then begin the process of removing the biological substance, and as a leading biohazard cleaning company in Galway, we will then make sure to carry out a thorough cleaning and sanitisation of the area, with high quality products. To make sure that everything has been removed completely our state of the art testing technology will be used to ensure that all traces of the biological material are removed, and the area is fully disinfected.


How Else Can We Help? 


As well as the removal and cleaning of biological substances, we can also help you with testing the air quality in your business premises or domestic home. From these tests we will be able to determine the presence of moulds, allergens, gases and more, and offer you advice on the best steps to follow in order to minimise and remove these irritating and potentially harmful presences. If you have experienced a flood or other water damage then we can also help you with water removal, moisture removal, and liaise with your insurance company.


To speak with our knowledgeable and helpful team about our biohazard cleaning in Galway you can either give us a ring on 083 893 0642, or you can send a message to our email account or through our enquiry form. We will gladly discuss your job requirements and also elaborate on any of our services so you have all the details about what we can do to help you.  


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