Searching for Assistance with Mould Testing in Ireland?

Searching for Assistance with Mould Testing in Ireland?



If you need a reliable company to carry out mould testing in Ireland, then Environmental Testing is the company you need. We can provide high quality testing and cleaning services in Ireland, to both commercial and domestic premises. We want everyone to be able to live and work in clean and healthy environments, so we use specialist techniques and more than ten years of experience to the test to give you the best result possible. We make our services affordable so that everybody has the opportunity to have better air quality in their homes or workplaces. 


How Can We Help you?


Once instructed to help with mould testing in Ireland, we will arrive punctually and carry out a thorough assessment, which gives us an insight into the condition of your air quality and how it is being affected by the presence of mould in your premises. We have the knowledge and experience to determine the cause of the problems as well as the ability to provide you with expert advice, and solutions that need to be carried out in order to rectify the problem. Our team is highly trained and experienced and fully understands how to use the equipment necessary for these tasks, and we will be happy to provide you with explanations and answer any questions you have. 


Why is Mould Testing Important?


Having mould testing in Ireland is an effective way to check the quality of your air and the effects that mould growth may have had. Mould can cause issues with your respiratory system and can cause irritation, as well as problems for those with allergies. With mould testing in Ireland we will be able to identify the root of the problem and inform you of the necessary measures that will need to be taken. While some mould is very obvious and you can clearly see its presence, airborne particles cannot be seen and therefore, it is very important to have mould testing in Ireland, because our air quality testing will be able to show the presence of mould that we cannot see with our eyes. 


What other Services Do we Provide? 


As well as stringent mould testing in Ireland our team are able to provide other services including allergen testing, where we will assess contaminants in your home that may be affecting your allergies, allowing us to come up with solutions to minimise the effect. We can also help with biohazard cleaning, where we will carry out cleaning and disinfection services covering biological materials such as; blood, waste, crime scenes, body fluids and more. This type of cleaning is intensive and requires strict compliance with health and safety regulations, which we are well versed with. 


Another service we offer as well as the services mentioned is our flood and water damage. With this service we are able to remove the water from the damaged area, as well as any other moisture left behind in the property, helping to prevent issues with damp, health concerns and structural damage.


Want to Speak to Our Experts?


If you want to speak to our team to find out more about mould testing in Ireland then please give us a call on 083 893 0642, email, or message us using our contact form. Our team will be happy to hear from you and will answer your questions, provide more detailed information, and arrange for the next steps of the process. 

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