ETS Air Quality specialises in the restoration of flood and water damage for both residential and commercial properties in Limerick. Our team of skilled professionals is extensively trained and recognised as leading experts in all facets of water damage restoration and flood damage assessments. Whether it’s damage from floods, burst pipes, or fire suppression leaks, water damage poses a significant threat to both the structure and contents of buildings. We are dedicated to mitigating such damage and restoring properties to their optimal condition.

Our expert technicians specialise in repairs of all kinds and have dealt with all types of water damage restorations in Limerick. No job is too big or too small.

ETS can work directly with your insurance company to minimise the already stressful claims procedure process. ETS provides assessments of the property identifying the full extent of the water damage. ETS will provide equipment and techniques that will quickly and safely remove all excess moisture from the property ready for the area to be returned to its pre-loss condition.

Why you need a flood damage expert

Neglecting to promptly and effectively deal with the effects of a property flood can lead to extensive and potentially severe consequences. These repercussions impact both the property itself and its occupants. It’s crucial to recognise that the longer flood damage remains untreated, the greater the likelihood of secondary and enduring damage. Likewise, mishandling the response to flood damage can yield similar outcomes. Consequently, the significance of engaging flood damage experts, who can promptly arrive on-site and provide top-notch flood damage cleaning, becomes even more pronounced.

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