ETS Air Quality is your premium expert in damp waterproofing and water treatment services, serving Limerick. Our expertise lies in delivering a customized, guaranteed damp treatment solution designed specifically for your property.


Every building is prone to dampness, older buildings that have stood for many centuries are even more prone to this issue. Rising dampness occurs in buildings when moisture from the ground rises through the brick and mortar of the property. The water rises through the walls by capillary action and can cause serious structural damage over time. Rising damp symptoms can be identified by plaster and/or paint deterioration, water stains, metal corrosion, and salt deposits. Rising dampness can also adversely affect indoor air quality.


The best way to tackle the rising dampness is to identify the problem firsthand and deal with it before it causes more issues to your property.  

What is Injection Waterproofing?

Chemical injection waterproofing is a method of injecting a water-repellent chemical into the brick or mortar joint which lines the capillaries in the substrate, once cured it will create a continuous water-repellent barrier. This treatment is highly effective and has been used for several years. Once this treatment is complete, it will prevent dampness from rising the wall. This type of treatment is typically the easiest and most effective treatment to use within built properties.


ETS specialise in basement waterproofing and wet room conversions through our complete range of treatments, membranes, sump pumps, and drainage systems. ETS’s waterproofing methods allow for complete damp proofing of basements, wet rooms, and outhouses which can add value to your existing property. 

How we approach rising damp treatment

  • Our team of qualified damp surveyors will identify all the areas affected by rising dampness.
  • For all issues that may be causing the rising dampness, we will put together a treatment plan and solution for you.
  • Carry out all treatments for your rising dampness issue in your home or business in Limerick
  • Our team will ensure that your property is left clean and safe at the end of any property works
If you suspect or have identified that you have a rising damp issue in your property and need it resolved, then we are here to help. Call ETS Air Quality today.